ALERT: Users of the premier cognitive support formula, Youthful Brain, report that ‘resuscitating’ and safeguarding brain cells – all 100 billion of them – can produce noticeable increases in memory and mental power. Research suggests this concept of defending cellular health creates a similar ‘aura of vitality’... for the entire body!

Cleansed, Fed and Repaired EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The Breakthrough Pill That Shields And Protects Your Entire Body

Nobel-caliber advance pairs super-potent medicinal herbs to energize body-system synchrony and construct a protective envelope for trillions of cells.

Life is tough for the run-of-the-mill cell. Not only do cells in the body have regular jobs to do – there are a total of 210 different 'cell jobs' – cells also have to do their tasks while fending off attacks from viruses, bacteria, toxic pathogens, rogue monster cells called free radicals, and foreign invaders of all types.

Scientists estimate that an astonishing 300 million cells die every minute. That's why life extensionists all agree on one thing — cellular defense is key to a long, healthy, energy-filled life.

Aware that peak human health may truly depend on the collective health of a network of trillions of cells, here at Vitality Now we have expanded our horizons with the development of Health Armor, a cell-optimizing mix of the world's most powerful medicinal plants. Health Armor's cellular defense network does for the body what Youthful Brain does for your mind and memory.

The only thing better than a trusted, well-researched, ultra-safe medicinal superstar is... six medicinal botanical superstars!

Health Armor researchers have tapped a legendary family of herbs, that work in perfect, God-given harmony to fine-tune and calibrate the body systems, producing a state of radiant health. In days or weeks, you'll feel stronger, mentally and physically more confident, you'll be aware of a newfound sense of inner calm, and you'll feel good!

The secret lies in Health Armor's unique combination of carefully extracted medicinal plants known as adaptogens. The unique classification of an adaptogenic herb refers to that plant's ability to change, affect, and/or revitalize whole body health.

Mother Nature stores her most potent healing compounds in the roots of plants. A prime example of this is glycyrrhiza glabra, or the licorice plant.

Licorice is one of the most scientifically studied medicinal plants in existence. New scientific research shows how its primary bioactive ingredient helps reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Glycyrrhizin, found in concentration in licorice's roots, puts the brakes to a pesky enzyme called phospholipase A2. This molecule-sized vandal 'disassembles' cell walls, which triggers an immune system to dispatch inflammatory substances that cause pain and swelling.

Licorice inhibits this enzymatic troublemaker and keeps cells healthy and fit. This prized botanical also promotes liver health by preventing the damage and the formation of free radicals.

How To Make An Out-of-Tune Body, Pitch Perfect!

Rejuvenating cellular health radiates through the body, improving mood, sleep patterns, physical strength and more. It can also light-up an aging brain ‘like a Christmas tree,’ says one user.

Even a million-dollar Stradivarius violin can get out of tune, so it’s perfectly natural and normal for the human body to lose its sense of internal synchrony. Over time, memory can grow cloudy, joints become less flexible and more painful, digestion becomes less reliable and regular.

With age, changes begin to occur internally. While there’s no blinking light or gas gauge to alert us, trillions of cells will begin to run out of fuel.

Instead of gasoline, cells use a substance called ATP, or Adenosine TriPhosphate. Super-tiny power plants inside every cell need lots of ATP to keep things running. But the more candles we have on our birthday cake, the more likely we’re running on empty.

Filling Up 50 Trillion Fuel Tanks at Once

Rhodiola root extract in Health Armor refills ATP fuel tanks, bodywide, topping off supplies, and super-charging cells. In one human clinical trial, rhodiola increased exercise endurance after just a single dose!

Rhodiola may also sharpen mind and memory. In a double-blind crossover human study, an extract from the roots of the rhodiola plant improved short-term memory, concentration, and the speed of audiovisual perception after just two weeks of use.

Cooler, Calmer, More Collected

Ashwaganda is a centuries-old, highly potent medicinal herb used for more than 2,500 years. And it may be the botanical miracle that U.S. doctors and consumers know the least about.

Extracts from the root of the plant are brimming with alkaloids, special, organic plant chemicals known to have ‘pronounced physiological actions’ in the body. Ashwaganda broadcasts powerful adaptogenic waves through the body, improving both physical and mental energy, and giving a sense of composure and calm.

The potent extract of the plant is a medical do-it-all with seven published clinical trials, and more than 20 distinct applications listed in herbal medicine text-books world-wide.

In clinical research, a special form of ashwaganda root extract achieved a highly significant reduction in stress and anxiety, slashing levels of the stress hormone by almost 28 percent. An interesting side ‘benefit’ of reducing cortisol is unexpected weight loss, particularly hard-to-lose belly fat around the abdomen.

Feel Young, Remember More, Restore.

Researchers were shocked to discover a ‘universe’ brimming with healing compounds.

No medicinal plants have a more complex grouping of bioactive compounds than do mushrooms. Specifically, the legendary Reishi and Maitake mushrooms help jump start age-weakened immune systems by supplying an army of disease-fighting plant chemicals.

Long prized by life extensionists, Reishi mushroom extracts like those in Health Armor continue to surprise researchers with unexpected laboratory findings.

Studies show that Reishi has a 'significant ability to stimulate brain neurons.' One of the most puzzling newly discovered benefits is that Reishi may be able to prevent the development of new fat cells in obese individuals.

Chockful of immune-boosting polysaccharides, heart-friendly triterpenes, and a bizarre protein, ganoderma lucidum, with still to be discovered health benefits, the Reishi mushroom extract in Health Armor is brimming with hundreds of biologically active molecules.

Destroy Germs and Viruses... Without Having to See Your Doctor

In studies, extracts of Maitake mushroom ratchet-up germ-fighting power by strengthening weakened immune systems with disease-attacking compounds like beta-D-glucans. This complex molecule sparks the immune system into action, helping the body marshal vast armies of germ-killing immune cells, including neutrophils, natural killer cells, and the immune system's take on the Death Star – macrophages – scavenger cells that swallow and destroy bacteria, viruses, foreign substances, and even tumor cells.

Enjoy Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Too. The Maitake mushroom extract may also support healthy blood sugar levels, according to new studies.

Health Armor also provides an extract of gymnema sylvestre, a powerful adaptagenic healing herb from India, long relied upon for its ability to regulate health blood sugar control. Studies suggest this herbal extract may actually enhance endogenous insulin production, and even support healthy pancreatic beta cells.

A Pedal-To-The-Metal Approach to Accelerating Your Results

Health Armor moves cell defense results into the passing lane with two nutritional accelerators – ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5.) This vitamin duo fosters adaptagenic synchrony, amplifying the formula's overall effectiveness. And, as cellular health improves, respiratory function is further enhanced with the accelerative boost of pantothenic acid.

Health Armor Rejuvenates The Entire Body From Head To Toe

Heatlh Armor

You're invited to experience the thousand-year-old, self-healthcare breakthrough called adaptagenic medicinal healing. Health Armor can help improve your health from head-to-toe, boost your energy reserves, improve your immune resistance, mood, digestion, physical energy, and your ability to get around.

Why Go Half-Way?

You know the wisdom of taking special care of your brain. But why stop half-way? Why not do for your body what you're already doing for your brain? It's an easy thing to do, too.

Just three tablets of Health Armor, daily, will deliver a 50,000,000,000,000-to-1 payoff. Two capsules containing what may be the most powerful, broad-spectrum adaptagenic approach to total cell defense ever mounted... could be your ticket to a healthier, longer, more energized, and passion-filled life.

Give your body a helping hand by nourishing, protecting, strengthening, invigorating, and waking up its cellular health.

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